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Welcome to my Barre Blog! My goal is to bring you informative Barre news and articles that will enhance an active and healthy lifestyle. This blog will share everything from healthy recipe tips to fitness trends, and even fashion news...I look forward learning with you on our Barre journey!

be you. be beautiful. be barre.

People always ask us what barre is. Here is a great read on the beginners guide to barre! Share with your friends that haven't tried barre. Join us on the newest trend in fitness!

March 27, 2017

These classes are no joke!  A great share from the Health and Wellness from Scary Mommy 2

January 6, 2017

Sometimes we have to go back to basics...More than 20 years in the industry, Tracy and her exercise advice are on point. This article is great as we look at our fitness goals in 2017. Check it out!

January 3, 2017

Welcome to a new year!  Barre workouts are all about strengthening the body and being a stronger you for all your life sports.  Whether you run, do yoga or any other activity, the Barre will make you stronger.  I wanted to share this recent article I found...

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