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The Westside BARRE is more than a BARRE class, we offer BARRE classes taught by a certified BARRE Intensity Instructor.  We believe there is only one be strong and healthy.  Our BARRE classes are designed to challenge our students while ensuring that each individual is able to work at their own level. Unlike chain fitness facilities or large gyms, we are able to create a workout that is motivating with personal attention.  We combine Pilates movements, yoga and dance along with a resistance ball & small hand held weights with energetic music to make this the best hour of your day!


The BARRE workout has been around for more than 60 years, this is not a fad workout. Unlike other exercises, the BARRE is low impact, resulting in low injury, and can be adjusted for all levels of fitness.  The BARRE is successful because we focus on working the entire body in 55 minutes.  The workouts target your bodies alignment, core stability and flexibility.  

  • Tiny movements with many repetitions, designed to fatigue muscles and build endurance

  • Embrace the shaking...fatigue the muscle to strengthen it!

  • Proper alignment allows for a stronger core-improves posture

  • Increase flexibility & lengthen muscles

  • Muscle stretches of hamstrings, back, hip and other core muscles will improve your range of motion

  • Increase your energy! BARRE delivers oxygen to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently!

  • Improve your mood! Exercise will stimulate various brain chemicals to enhance your mood

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